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Nokia C3 Software Update 871: Features, Benefits, and Installation Tips

Nokia C3 Software Update 871 Download 34: How to Get the Latest Version of Android 10 for Your Phone

If you own a Nokia C3 smartphone, you might be wondering how to get the latest version of Android 10 for your device. Android 10 is the newest operating system from Google that offers many improvements and features, such as dark mode, gesture navigation, privacy controls, smart reply, and more.

Nokia C3 Software Update 871 Download 34

Fortunately, Nokia has released a software update for the Nokia C3 that brings Android 10 to your phone. The software update is numbered 871 and has a size of about 1.4 GB. It also includes the March 2021 security patch that fixes some vulnerabilities and bugs.

In this article, we will show you how to download and install the Nokia C3 software update 871 and enjoy the benefits of Android 10 on your phone.

What are the Requirements for Installing the Nokia C3 Software Update 871?

Before you proceed with the installation process, you need to make sure that your phone meets some requirements. These are:

  • Your phone must have at least 50% battery charge or be connected to a charger.

  • Your phone must have enough free space on its internal memory or on a microSD card.

  • Your phone must have a stable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

  • Your phone must not be rooted or modified in any way.

If your phone meets these requirements, you can proceed with the next steps.

How to Download and Install the Nokia C3 Software Update 871?

To download and install the Nokia C3 software update 871, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update on your phone.

  • Tap on Check for update to see if the update is available for your phone.

  • If the update is available, tap on Download and install to start downloading the update file.

  • Wait for the download to finish. You can see the progress bar and the remaining time on the screen.

  • When the download is complete, tap on Restart now to reboot your phone and install the update.

  • Wait for the installation to finish. Your phone will restart several times during this process.

  • When the installation is complete, your phone will boot up with Android 10 and the software version 871.

Congratulations! You have successfully updated your Nokia C3 to Android 10. You can now enjoy all the new features and improvements that this update brings.

What are the Benefits of Updating Your Nokia C3 to Android 10?

Updating your Nokia C3 to Android 10 has many benefits that can enhance your user experience and performance. Some of these benefits are:

  • You can switch to dark mode, which reduces eye strain and saves battery life.

  • You can use gesture navigation, which lets you swipe from the edges of the screen to go back, home, or switch apps.

  • You can control your privacy settings more easily, such as granting or denying permissions to apps, managing location access, etc.

  • You can use smart reply, which suggests quick responses or actions based on your messages or notifications.

  • You can use digital wellbeing tools, such as focus mode, bedtime mode, parental controls, etc., to manage your screen time and wellness.

  • You can get faster updates and security patches from Google through Project Mainline.


In conclusion, updating your Nokia C3 to Android 10 is a simple and easy process that can give you many benefits and features. You just need to check if the software update 871 is available for your phone and follow the instructions on how to download and install it. You can then enjoy all the advantages of having Android 10 on your phone.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading! ca3e7ad8fd


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