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Self-Care Central

Self-Care Central is your one-stop-shop to find and create the habits, routines, and practices to help you Be Your Best Self (#BYBS) in all aspects of life!

This monthly membership gives you access to an ever-growing library of self-care tools to help start and grow your personal self-care routine! 

The 4 Pillars of Self-Care Central

Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, our Self-Care Central structure encompasses all aspects of Holistic Health in regards to the tools and resources being provided as a foundation to build upon!


YOUR basic nutritional and physical health. What are you feeding your body? What are you doing with your body? Are you active with it? Are you stagnant with it? Does it perform the way that you want it to? What is it that you're giving it, fueling it with, and then the consumption of what you're actually putting into your body? Most self-care journeys start here and we will build a foundation from your physical body up!


YOUR Mental and emotional health. It also has to do with what you consume because what you're feeding your mind is what you're going to get back out of it. This also has to do with your coping and stress management as well as, it deals with a lot of Shadow Work, you're going to break a lot of limiting beliefs, you're going to break a lot of patterns, and every single time that you reach a new level, kind of like in a video game, it gets hard right before that next level you have to master it before you can go on so you have to reach these different levels and taking care of yourself in order to level up in life.


YOUR Relationships and your boundaries. Obviously, that can deal with whoever you love or whatever it is that you love in this world, but it honestly deals with your relationship with yourself and in the community that you have around you. Do you trust yourself? When you don't, do you have a support system? Are there people there for you who you can call if you need someone? How are you building into yourself? Who are you personally building into and adding value to this world? What boundaries are you putting in place in order to protect yourself and your energy? It's important to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships that don't drain you and I'll show you how!


YOUR true and highest self. What makes you happy and sets your soul on fire? What are you feeding your soul? What are you doing that's creative or what is your creative outlet? What is it that you can do to express yourself? We are not put on this earth just to pay bills and die. With Self-Care we are able to thrive while we are alive!

*This is not an all-encompassing topic list for what we will cover but a basic outline of where we begin and how it can help you take better care of yourself! See you on the inside!*

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