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Self-Care Starter Kit.

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Create Your Self-Care Baseline BEFORE Shit Hits the Fan!

Hey Free Spirit,

I know what it's like to feel like you're on the edge of a cliff and ready to jump when life feels like it's falling apart around you. I also know what it's like to be the only one around to get myself away from that cliff. It doesn't have to be like this though! That's why I created the Self-Care Starter Kit!


I truly believe that the better we are able to take care of ourselves, the more power we have in our own lives. To prioritize yourself isn't selfish, it's necessary for your survival. To do that, we are going to create a Baseline of Self-Care personalized to you and your needs! Let's get started!

Coach Chelsea

All of the Goods You'll Get! 

Discover your baseline and learn simple practices for how to manage yourself and your routine throughout the entire year!

Self-Care Baseline Basics


Learn YOUR Personal Baseline of Self-Care with this workbook for when shit hits the fan or when you're ready to jump off a cliff! 

Let's be proactive in your self-preservation!

Who you are in the summer is different than who you are in the winter and both versions of you deserve and require a different level of care, With the Seasonal Self-Care Ebook you'll learn simple practices for how to take care of yourself throughout each month and year!

+ Seasonal Self-Care

What's Inside: 

  • The #BYBS 30-4-1 Method to Self-Care + How to Use It

  • Find Out Your Personal Baseline of Self-Care

  • Learn The History of Self-Care

  • Explore Your Personal Self-Care Preferences

  • How to Set Intentions for Beginners

  • How to Manifest and Release with the Moon Phases

  • 44+ Seasonal Practices to Use Throughout the Year  

  • And MORE! 


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For being one of the first to grab my new Self-Care Starter Kit, you will also get access to my Self-Care 101 Workshop to begin building your own personal Self-Care Baseline! ​

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Why wait until you crash and burn?

Grab the Free Spirit Self-Care Starter Kit and Let's Build YOUR Baseline of Self-Care! 

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Limited Time Offer! 

*Specialty pricing only available for the first 100 kits*

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Client Wins!

"I used to feel completely out of control to the things that were happening around me. With this self-care starter kit, I was able to create a routine I could stick to and update it as needed. I no longer feel overwhelmed or constantly on edge, I'm able to relax without guilt and I'm getting back to myself again!"

-Sarah J.

"I've dealt with seasonal depression for years and just thought it was something that was out of my hands. By recognizing how we take care of ourselves will evolve over time and even each season, I'm now able to set myself up for success before it goes too far and manage it better than I ever have before!"

-Ashton K.

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