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How to Embrace Change While Honoring Your Needs

Change is constant and inevitable in our lives. Some changes come during a time of need, yet others when we least expect it. When opportunities of change appear in your life, whether you want it to happen or not, it’s important to remember that change is being presented to you for a reason.

We should welcome changes, especially if they are helpful. And it’s important to believe that change has the ability to inspire and transform our lives if we allow it. But, you're probably reading this because you’re not sure how to embrace change. You may worry and struggle with it which is okay. Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. Below you will learn 4 ways to embrace change while also honoring your needs!

4 Ways to Embrace Change

1) Start Writing. When you see your needs, wants, and desires in front of your eyes, in your handwriting, you will activate the brain towards what you want rather than what you don't. Take some time to write down what you’re worried about, what you’re hopeful of, and begin to put together a plan of action without judging what flows from your mind out onto the page. Try this easy-to-do but effective exercise. You'll be able to see what your needs and desires are clearly, as well as, you’ll be able to begin laying out a plan of action on how to obtain them.

2) Be Open to New Opportunities. You may know exactly what you want, yet it may not arrive in the manner you expect. Be open to any opportunities that may arrive when you begin to take aligned action towards the changes in your life.

3) Expect Resistance. As humans, we are creatures that enjoy things that are familiar and we typically form habits with things we are comfortable with. Change is the opposite of this and will come with resistance. Expect it and prepare for it to where you're not thrown off when it arrives.

4) Stand Strong in Your Boundaries (as you will most likely be setting new ones). Your internal change and transformation will require external boundaries. Set them and stick to them. It may take time to build your boundaries, but consistency is key. Maintain your limits at all times, and if someone does not respect them, it is critical that you let them go. No matter what occurs, when you respect yourself above all else, you’ll always win.

Honoring Your Needs

As changes present themselves in your life, it’s important to honor your needs as they do. By checking in with yourself and making sure you are in alignment with your heart and spirit you’re able to freely follow your heart and intuition. When you ‘just know’ something is for you and you feel a call of change, you honor yourself when you trust this feeling. Often we are taught to doubt and question ourselves any time we make a decision, I encourage you to trust your inner guidance as it knows where to lead you. You just have to follow.

Self-Care Central

If you would like to learn more about how to embrace change or how to consistently honor your needs through self-care, feel free to reach out to me at or to join us in Self-Care Central, a clubhouse I created to be your one-stop-shop for ongoing self-care solutions HERE! There’s a specific video that is in there now that dives deeper into the topic of change!

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